Turtle Study 2010 Media Launch Day

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On Saturday October 2, 2010, Councillors and staff from the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo, together with members of the Friends of Yellagong Regional Park (FOY) attended the launch of the 2010 Long-Necked Turtle Study at Picnic Cove in Edgewater. Funding from both Cities has allowed the FOY sponsored study to continue with Dr Jacqueline Giles training up FOY members to do their own sampling. It is hoped that sufficient information will be gathered to accurately assess turtle numbers, their general health and level of recruitment.

Daniel Garlett from the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council and Dennis Simmons, the indigenous caretaker of the Yellagonga Regional Park (YRP) and surrounding area attended and both spoke of their support for the project and gave a brief explanation of the aboriginal history of the area. Dennis is the late Ken Colbungs grandson and is passing on the proud traditions of the aboriginal people to the younger generation.

Concern about fox predation on turtle hatchlings and incubating eggs was the motivation for the initial study in 2009. Two fox trapping programs have been carried out so far this year in the Yellagonga Regional Park. This is a program that the Perth Region Natural Resource Management hopes to promote throughout the whole metropolitan area north of the Swan River. Thanks to the FOY members Kevin, John and Frank who underwent the training with Dr Jacque Giles and the helpers who assisted them with the paddling, setting, pulling nets, marking the caught turtles and recording the information.

Turtle Launch Day(photo: John Chester)

(above) Mayor Troy Pickard with son, Mason, examine turtle held by Dr Jacqueline Giles at the Launch Day of the Survey

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