Lake Goollelal Circuit

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Yellagonga Regional Park Shared paths

Lake Goollelal Circuit - 4.3 kilometres. 1 +hr walk. 0.5 +hours scenic ride
A relatively flat scenic shared path that circuits Lake Joondalup.

Location Straddles boundary of Wanneroo and Joondalup cities.
Parking areas Off Wanneroo Rd @ Kingsway lights. Limited parking on Bindaree Tce and Hocking Road.

This is a relatively flat path that circuits Lake Goollelal via a combination of shared path and footpaths.

0.0 Commence the circuit by turning right (anti clockwise) onto the shared path at the bottom of the car park. Observe the revegetation plantings, by The Friends of Yellagonga, along the left side of the path.

0.1Lakeway Dr. Reverend John Smithies Park. Plaque: - Wesleyan Mission Farm located here 1841 1852.
Proceed left on Lakeway Drive (if cycling) as footpath here is narrow. Wonderful views across Lake.

0.6 Luisini winery. In 1929 one the largest wineries in the southern hemisphere @ 8.1 hectares.

0.9Look and listen for the Splendid Fairy Wrens in the low shrubs on your left.

1.0Proceed left along the shared path, with Hocking Rd on your right. Look for Nankeen Night Herons in the paperbark forest bordering the northern edge of Lake Goollelal. In winter the lake flows north under Hocking Rd & Whitfords Ave into Walluburnup Swamp & Beenyup Swamps to Lake Joondalup.

1.3Proceed left at the junction of shared path. Magnificent stand of Tuarts on right. Paperbarks on left.

1.6A delightful lagoon on the left where White Egrets and Black Ducks are regularly observed. The grassy area on the right is used for nesting by Freshwater Turtles and Rainbow Bee-eaters.

2.0Turn left down the short limestone track for a rest stop at the observation platform. Long-necked Freshwater Turtles can often be seen here. In the early evening Rakali, the beautiful native Water Rat, may be observed. Good location for observing many species of water birds. Proceed left along the shared path.

2.3 Continuing past the pumping station on your right, up the challenging little hill, with a beautiful stand of Jarrah and Marri trees on your left.

2.6Located at the corner of Goollelal Dr and Bindaree Tce an extremely diverse portion of Banksia bush being maintained by the Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park(Inc.). Wildflowers and fungi during spring.

2.8Bindaree Rotary Park located on your left contains a colourful childrens playground & picnic table.

3.1With Hepburn Ave in sight you will be passing another Friends of Yellagonga volunteers site where many diverse endemic species have been reintroduced. These plants propagated in their own nursery located nearby at the Landsdale Farm School in Landsdale.

3.2Turn left on the shared path alongside Hepburn Avenue

3.3Turn left onto the red shared path. Look for Variegated Wrens on the left.

3.4A little further along is a rest seat with good views across the lake.

3.6Plaque: - Tony & Rayna Antulov, pioneering family, is located on your right. Proceed left along path.

3.9Avoid old limestone track on left, another Friends of Yellagonga site and where Western Tiger Snakes are commonly sighted. Stay on shared path, veers off Woodlake Rt into beautiful fringing bushland.

4.3Return to the start of the circuit.



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